Streamlined Camp Management Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard to help manage every aspect of your camp.


Simplifying attendee and camp management.

Easy-to-use camp management dashboard ensures a smooth and organised experience for your club. From creating camps to tracking registrations, user-friendly dashboard empowers you to handle and manage every aspect of your camp.

Camps events management table

Easily create and manage your camps

User-friendly dashboard to help create and manage your camp.

Quick and easy camp creation

Quickly create, customise and go live with your camp with a few simple steps via an easy-to-use dashboard.

Powerful camp features

A suite of powerful tools and features to help you create and manage your camp with ease. View full feature list.

Intuitive dashboard to help manage your camps

Simplifying attendee and camp management with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Camp management

Quickly create, customise and go live with your camp with a few simple steps.

Camp management

Registration management

Manage all attendee registrations from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Registration management

Custom email templates

Customise all of your outbound email communications from your dashboard.

Custom email templates
Easy to use attendee registration management

Easy to use attendee registration management

Manage all attendee registrations from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Streamlined attendee management

Intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard provides a full view of all attendee registrations along with all their details.

Attendee communication

Easily broadcast email or SMS announcements to all of your camp attendees directly from the dashboard.

Essential features to run a successful camp

Powerful and essential features for running a successful camp.

    • Apple Pay and Google Pay

      Payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay for hassle-free transactions at your camp.

    • Public & private camps

      Offer diverse camp experiences with choices for public and private settings.

    • Password protected camps

      Ensure privacy and control access with password-protected camps .

    • Multiple registration discount

      Boost enrollment with multiple registration discounts, making your camp accessible to all.

    • Waiting lists

      Waiting lists efficiently manage demand, ensuring no one misses out on popular camps.

    • Discount codes

      Run promotions with customisable discount codes, enhancing affordability for attendees.

    • Customisable registration forms

      Custom forms capture vital details, tailoring camp specifics to participant's needs.

    • Full and partial refunds

      Build trust by offering flexible refund options, including both full and partial refunds.

    • Pass on the service charge

      Reduce camp organisers' expenses by effortlessly passing on the service charges.

    • Capacity management

      Optimise attendance with efficient capacity management for a seamless camp experience.

    • Custom registration dates

      Flexibility is key, set custom registration dates tailored to your club's unique schedule.

    • In-person or online camps

      Adapt to diverse preferences, offer in-person and online camps for ultimate convenience.

    • Attendee notes

      Enhance communication with attendee notes, ensuring personalised camper interactions.

    • Custom branded camp site

      Promote your brand with a custom-branded camp site, showcasing your club's identity.

    • Free camps

      With free camps, attract participants and foster community spirit.

    • Team access and administration

      Streamline teamwork, enable team access and administration for camp coordination.

    • Email & SMS broadcasts

      Stay connected with email and SMS broadcasts, keeping attendees informed.

    • Newsletters

      Inform your community with newsletters, sharing updates and exciting camp news.

    • Check-in app

      Simplify check-ins with a dedicated app, ensuring a smooth start to every camp day.

    • QR code scanner

      Enhance security with a QR code scanner, efficiently managing participant arrivals.

    • Duplicate camps

      Duplicate success by replicating camps effortlessly for efficient planning.

    • SEO optimised camp pages

      Maximise visibility with SEO-optimised camp pages, attracting a broader audience.

    • Full GDPR compliance

      Prioritise data protection, ensure full GDPR compliance for secure camper information.

    • Two-factor authentication

      Fortify security with two-factor authentication, safeguarding sensitive camp data.

    • Multilingual

      Welcome a global audience by offering multilingual support.

    • Guardian contact details

      Be ready for any emergency, access guardian contact details quickly for camper well-being.

    • Secure payment processing

      Trust our secure payment processing, for worry-free financial transactions.